I find it important to be open and honest in the communication towards others, especially regarding the clarification of my beliefs. It allows people, for example perhaps in 10 years from now, who were not present at the time when I wrote this, to go through my profile and posts and read the reminders in order for them to ultimately recognize the truth, the way I recognized the truth myself. All praise be to God.

I sincerely wish that this will somehow be positively effective for true believers who are seeking for the truth and are not afraid nor ashamed of God’s promise of leading us out of darkness into light, even when the majority of people in their surroundings and on social media will not recognize God’s Truth and will most likely mock and ridicule you in any way they possibly can. Only for the reason that their mind could not comprehend, and their heart could not feel, and their soul could not grasp it, by God’s Will.

It is remarkable to me how the people who claim to be believers are so focused on (or perhaps I should use the words ‘ distracted with’ ) finding and establishing for themselves a comfortable life, without recognizing their ignorance towards the Quran, God’s truthful words, which we are commanded to uphold to find ourselves in perfect happiness! There appears to be no basis and definitely no determination and sincerity in their submission to God.

Reminding ourselves of God’s Words and acting upon them, is what will keep the believers focused in life. And as distraction can be found everywhere, the more we should realize how weak the human being is and how desperately we are in need of God’s help and guidance.

And therefore anything or anyone in this world that keeps us away from striving in God’s Cause can make us deviate from His path (even when we don’t notice it). We sometimes can be focused on unimportant things, where we lose our focus on the main goal. By being in constant remembrance of God and His revelations, worshiping Him day and night, and forcing ourselves to be among those who do the same, is what will bring satisfaction and happiness in our hearts.

The Quran logically serves as the furqan, the criteria to be able to distinguish between right and wrong.
The Quran is where we can find the light and guidance to strengthen our faiths and are the basis of leading a life according to God’s righteous standards. That is what it takes for our redemption.

It is indeed a lifelong process for the believers to set up the right priorities.
We are always aware of our constant testings and we appreciate them wholeheartedly because we know that they come from God Almighty. We choose the narrow path, the difficult path, because we know that God is the One that Controls everything and He will reward our striving and struggling with easiness and happiness.

We all notice that many will say we have to hold fast to God’s given rope and that we ought not to be divided. But I wonder if they realize what it means to hold fast on God’s given rope and how the believers can be indeed on the straight path?

When one of the standards of righteousness is to believe in all prophets and messengers, do they realize that a messenger is a called a messenger because he brings a message from God..and is it not important for believers to understand the importance of a messenger and thus how to recognize a truthful messenger?

Because it is God’s guidance. It is an outlined path of certainty and a promise of a perfect destiny. It is God’s promise to bring the believers out of darkness into light. And no, it is not an ideology. It is religion: God Decreed religion for us: Monotheism; Islam.

It is important to realize that God keeps sending messengers and that by following the messenger, this will prevent the people from following personal opinions and desires, which will lead them astray from God’s path.

It is a huge blessing to attain this certainty of being on the straight path. And it helps us with setting up clear priorities and to remain in an obedient state of submission to God.

The benefit of this knowledge is that it brings us closer to the truth, by receiving guidance in an early stage, before the victory, that leads to higher ranks close to God. As we can read from the Quran there is a difference between the ones who spend and strive before the victory and the ones who spend and strive after the victory.

As many of us are witnessing the fact that there are too many people claiming messenger ship, it must become an eye-opener for us to gain knowledge in how to distinguish between a truthful messenger and a fake one. Because the truth is the truth verified by the truth.

I think that due to the so many false claims, the majority of people lost their faith and thus aren’t able to recognize a truthful messenger, once they get confronted with this truth.

Others are falsely using the 19- miracle to rationalize everything, including the faith and believe in God and His truthful words in the Quran. Irrationality is a door they will not ever enter, and that leads them to be deaf and blind to see the complete truth.

There are also people present that rather idolize Rashad than actually advance on God’s path.

The 19 miracle is one of the greatest miracles, and any other sign/miracle less revolutionary than that automatically gets puts aside in the box of ignorance. I find that very unfortunate.

In general, I think that the majority does not understand what the Quran is, what messengers are and how God’s system works.

Additionally, I would like to note that God guides stage by stage and therefore it is perfectly in harmony with God’s Will, when we do not have knowledge of certain things inside the Quran, and it is also in harmony that we find ourselves abandoning our ignorant false knowledge and finding them being substituted with the Truth.
It is part of the process of God’s purification system for our souls. However, disregarding, ignoring, opposing and rejecting God’s messenger means you are rejecting God’s Words, and ultimately God. And we all know the consequences for that!

4:150-151 Those who disbelieve in God and His messengers, and seek to make distinction among God and His messengers, and say, “We believe in some and reject some,” and wish to follow a path in between; these are the real disbelievers. We have prepared for the disbelievers a shameful retribution.

I hope that somewhere in this world, believers will stumble upon this site and recognize themselves in this true faith, whereby we may recognize each other as true family members. For the connection between us is already established. That is how powerful faith is, how powerful Islam is and how God is truly the most Powerful.

It is only a matter of recognition…it is what makes us the familiar strangers.

This little poem is for you:

“We know that you are out there and have not seen you yet.
You know that we are here too and share the same mindset.
We imagine many scenarios but still don’t know who you are.
We feel that we are connected but wonder: ‘are they near or far?’

We have the same destiny and walk the same path.
We strive for eternal life, beyond our first death.
Our souls are combined together, in good times and bad.
We never suffer from the least injustice, nor do we get sad.
We will help each other, through distance and time.

We keep spreading God’s message, without trading it for a dime.
You are our brothers and sisters, appreciated with love.
The true submitting family, supported from above.
We keep our eyes open and examine all the signs.
Reading God’s scriptures, even between the lines.

With time we get closer until we finally meet.
We first have to pass the tribulation, in snowy weather and through heat.
We pray for your guidance in all that you do.
We know you do the same and pray for us too.
We thank God for His Mercy and for His full support.
‘All praise belongs to You, our Most High, Almighty Lord’ “

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