Le Coran selon le Coran – M.K. Benchenane

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In continuation of my blog regarding the topic of God’s guidance; His outlined path of certainty by revealing new pieces of information from the Quran through one of His messengers, I recommend all to read the book he wrote: ‘Le Coran selon le Coran’, by M.K. Benchenane.

For those who sincerely wish to advance in God’s way, they will and cannot deny His Words and the message that has been inspired onto one of His messengers.

The readers will find in this book an answer to the question of the nature of revelations from God. A precise explanation and definition of what we all say that we believe in, such as Scripture, Quran, prophets, and messengers. All explained through and according to the Quran.

All praise belongs to God. He is in control of everything and I pray that God Will gather the believers soon inshAllah.

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