Every little detail of your life that is against the words of God, takes away little by little the true faith, little by little your peace of mind and heart, little by little you become distressed in life and that little by little becomes a huge gap between where you are at and where you should be.

Then you find yourself that the way to turn back becomes heavy and painful and feels like impossible. The gap becomes bigger and you lose control and you start losing your faith. Now you living the life according to your own words and you forget about God.

Now you are standing alone in this world with no one to stop you, but in the end, you find yourself standing alone in front of your Creator, ashamed, lost and helpless for the damage you caused when you were living a life against the words of God.

May God protect all of the people with faith in their hearts and that He may always guide us to the Straight Path and keep us firm on His religion. So that we may become successful in this life and in the Hereafter.

There is only one God ~ La ilaha ila Allah.

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