Be the one who makes me smile.
Sit with me for a little while.

Show yourself through day and night.
Hold me in your arms so tight.

Be the one who shows me life.
Ask of me to be your wife.

Take my hand and lead the way.
See my tears and hear me say:

”As my love begins to grow.
There are no words for me to show.
To let you know how it truly feels.
To be your wife through smiles and tears.”

”My love for you will never die.
For losing you will make me cry.
You are my hero and that’s for sure.
I pray for strength to give you more.”

”This life I walk with you through night and day.
And ask God for us to stay.
To stay upon this amazing light.
That’s best for us and feels so right.”

Being connected through body and soul.
Keeps us focused on reaching our ultimate goal.

I thank God for all we got.
For He is truly the One and Only God.

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