In every situation, you get the chance to prove your level of faith and submission.

With that being said, we can understand the importance of every second of our lives.

Are we generating righteous thoughts? Are we speaking and acting accordingly?

If you are not, don’t you think it is time to do so, as your life on earth is only temporary? Or do you prefer to commit soul suicide before you actually take your last breath?

If you think you are doing good, how do you know if it is righteous or if it is merely based on your own standards? Are you continuously examining yourself with the words of God, or do you prefer to compromise?

Our level of submission is based on our truthfulness, faithfulness, and sincerity towards our Creator.

We should constantly ask ourselves: what kind of thoughts am I generating, which words am I uttering, what kind of deeds am I doing to please God alone to reach the real success in life?

Are we believers that want to please their idols as well? Are we even aware of the idols that exist in many shapes and dimensions?

Are we sinners that won’t repent and reform?

Are we remembering God, worthy of all Praise, in all that we do at all times? Or are we selective in our moments of obedience?

Reaching and maintaining the real submission to God is the straight path. The path where you are only depending on God, and use your own free will to work hard for it.

Everything in the heavens and the earth is submitting to God. Submitting your free will is the greatest test you will ever face.

If God had decreed for you to attain that level of Submission, He will make it easy for you, in divine ways, that none of His creations will ever comprehend.

If you deserve it or not, is completely based on the nature of your soul, that existed even before you were born on earth.

This life on earth is simply created to expose everyone’s true qualities and thus distinguish the true submitters from the others. Each and every one of us being in a specific lifespan with unique attributes, whereby we get exposed.

This means everything is happening just as predetermined and thus everything is controlled, run by and permitted to happen by our Creator, the Almighty, Most Wise.

There will always be people who are heedless of any warning or reminder you give them until they reach this worldly death.

Others will listen and hear and even make a few attempts to learn, understand and act upon it, but will not succeed.

Others will be completely convinced that they are the ones who are being guided, while in fact, they are not even close to submission.

The only true submitters can understand their guidance by their truthfulness, faithfulness, and sincerity to examine everything according to God’s words, so they attain certainty, but never take the guidance for granted.

Taking your knowledge, wisdom, guidance and even your focus on Submission for granted or as something easy and comfortable, you will face a big chance of getting sealed from God’s message. With time your heart, eyes, ears, and mind will become oblivious to God and His message, while you still think you are being guided.

If life feels like a burden to you, something is missing in your Submission. Something is not right.

If life is comfortable, easy and full of worldly pleasures, something may be wrong.

If you do believe and have many characteristics of a righteous one, but you are also compromising for pleasing your idols, something is very wrong.

But if you appreciate this life as your last chance of redemption and you depend on God alone and you keep examining, meditating and acting upon God’s words alone and you strive hard in any given situation, without wavering any doubt towards God and your Submission, you may find yourself on a straight path that God has decreed for you.

It is extremely important to remember God in all that you do. Without God’s guidance, you will be a nobody. And in the hereafter you are neither dead nor alive,,, just prisoned in endless suffering…what a miserable destiny that is.

May God guide us and protect us from ever going astray from the Straight Path, for that we may find ourselves being among the winners in this life and the Hereafter forever.

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