Starting in the early years of our youth.
We learn to distinguish between falsity and truth.

Many versions of falsehood will always be given.
None of them to make you happy or for you to be forgiven.

The truth has always been and will forever be one.
You can not change it, nor will it ever be gone.

We are blessed with the hearing, the eyesight, and the brain.
To chose our path wisely by not taking God’s revelations in vain.

Avoid all sort of assumptions and start asking questions.
Examining every detail, even other people’s suggestions.

Cause where answers are given, the truth can be found.
An increment of knowledge; very profound.

Everything counts which make the worldly life worth living.
Every moment to be appreciative of and to offer our thanksgiving.

The path to eternal life is beautiful and spacious.
All praise in the first life and the last belongs to God, the Most Gracious.

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