You live your life in endless confusion.
You don’t know if it’s real or you’re caught up in illusion.

The things that happen seem to be hurting.
Happiness should not be like that, about which you’re certain.

You sense your soul and something is missing.
You are being affected by continuous hissing.

Your thoughts and feelings have no direction.
You’re being the witness of your own disconnection.

You take your time and start to ponder.
‘Am I alive or dead?’ is what you wonder.

All the wrongs and void flash in front of your eyes.
All this time you have been living with deceit and lies.

You wish that you hadn’t taken things for granted.
And that you realized this before so that you could have repented.

You put your hand on your heart and feel its beat.
You still have the chance to make things complete.

You raise your hands and implore the Supreme.
‘Help me and guide me to the straight path, oh Rahman o Raheem’

You start to cry and praise the Lord.
For your state of Submission has been restored.

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