As Our Creator, the Omniscient has sworn
Events are changing like night time into morn’.
Worship One God and Him alone
And save yourself from the danger zone.

Everything that happens is according to God’s Will.
His commands are superior and will inevitably fulfill.
The retributions are at hand and will be severe.
The majority will be doomed, except the sincere.

Sufficient warnings have been given
To change your ways to be forgiven.

Don’t be a rebel and start taking heed.
Value the Most Powerful that you may succeed.
Don’t follow the dictates of your own evil heart
‘Cause sooner or later it will rip you apart.

Don’t plot against Him, as God is the best schemer.
Repent and reform to the Most Merciful, the Redeemer.
God promises us salvation and eternal bliss.
His support is what we truly love and you don’t want to miss.

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